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Is Trilogy Forex trading their strategies with their own money.

Yes we trade with our own money and also provide managed account services to our high-net-worth clients.

If the Trilogy Forex strategies work so well why are we offering it for such a cheap price?

We feel that our trading strategies and signals are some of the most advanced in the market and worth a lot more but we have to think of our customers and if they are not profitable then what is the point. When pricing our strategies we think of the minimum account size that is needed and the ROI that it generates and accordingly we price our signals. For smaller sized accounts there would be no point in paying monthly for our signals if the profit our strategy generates is lost in fees! In the future as we setup our introducing brokerage arm and copy trade facility we will be able to offer even better fee structure as the amount you pay for our services will be proportional to your account size and therefore receive a reasonable hurdle rate and still make a decent size profit every year.

When will Trilogy Forex be releasing the "King" and "Queen" strategy

Our “King” and “Queen” strategies are unfortunately reserved for our own personal trading and managed accounts which require a minimum of $200,000 USD. If you are interested in our managed accounts service please contact us by email at info@trilogycapitalgroup.com to discuss further on how to setup with us. This does not mean that our signals we provide on our website are second best. The PAWN strategy is one of our most important strategies and parts of this strategy are incorporated in our daily trading models and will no doubt provide a secure solid signal for traders and investors. Some things are kept private especially if they are real and I am sure most of our customers understand this.

How much money do I need to follow Trilogy FX Signals

Each signal we provide has a suggested account size that is required in order for the signal to work effectively and generate a profit even after paying our monthly fees.

Trilogy Forex is not only a Signal Provider but we are also an education service for new forex traders. We are trying to protect our clients so that they don’t sign up to services with a certain expectation and then find a different result once they start trading with their hard earned money. This is why we factor in our fees when making suggestions on account capital required in order to be profitable because that is the whole point at the end of the day and if we cannot advise our clients to achieve this simple yet difficult task than what is the point.


Based on how THE ROBUST PAWN is coded and the money management protocols in place we recommend a starting account balance of $10,000 USD for brokers whose minimum lot size is 1000 (micro lot). This account size will ensure that your trading results will stay aligned with our exposure limitations, drawdown and safety factors.

Of course accounts with less than $10,000 USD can also follow our signals as long as you are trading with a broker who offers nano lots. Most brokers have a minimum lot size of 1000 (micro lot) but there are some that offer smaller minimum lot sizes (nano lots) in which case our clients can start with a much smaller account size and still achieve a similar ROI and DRAWDOWN as published by our strategies. THE ROBUST PAWN will generate a profit in line with our trade results regardless of the minimum trade size different brokers offer but its important that trades are placed in proportion to our Signals.

If you are new to the FOREX markets and you want to get a feel for our signals and the FX markets before you increase the amount of capital in your trading account then its ok to start with a smaller account size and use a broker that offers nano lots as the strategy will still generate a profit but our fees will become relatively high.

We are looking to fix this issue in the future with our copy trade facility and managed accounts as an introducing broker where our fees will be proportional to any account size and therefore will remain profitable for all account sizes.


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